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The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite is specifically designed for the hip thrust exercise. Shorter and thicker than our standard Hip Thruster Bar, the BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite spreads the load more effectively and makes for a more comfortable exercise. The length of the bar also allows your Hip Thrusts to be more stable, producing greater glute activation. 

The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite holds standard Olympic plates (inside diameter of 2").

Please note that no weight plates are included with this purchase.

  • 1000 lbs/450 kg tested lifting capacity
  • Dimensions:  62 inches (L) 2 inches (diameter)
  • Adjustable collets, preset to 12 inches each side (adjusting the collets requires a 4mm Allen wrench/key)
  • Weight: approximately 15 lbs/7 kg
  • Black textured powder paint with clear zinc adjustable collets 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Space saver, more comfortable and more stable

Such a great space saving piece of equipment. It's more comfortable than a normal barbell because it's thicker and it's more stable because it's shorter. It's a game changer.

Easy to use

Love this bar. I use it for glute bridges and hip thrusts. Makes working out in my tiny office easy!

Great for the petites!

The quality of this product is on point. It feels really durable and the length is perfect for short gals like me. The only slight issue was my current Olympic clamps just slid right in and out so easily (bar has no ridges)and offered no security from the plates coming off. So, I went ahead and emailed customer service and they sent me a picture of the spring clamps (from Home depot/Lowe's) that Bret uses in his Glute lab. I bought them and used them but didn't like that my brand new bar to have too many scratches and peeling, although it did the job. So, I experimented and I found out that you can actually use a small piece of thin cloth inside the bar clamps prior to clamping it down just to add a bit of friction and prevents the plates from coming off.... ( I bought the bench and the plates and I can't wait for it to come in- It's so addicting.)

Makes thrusting a whole lot easier!

This has just arrived and after using only once with the 21inch plates... I am in love!! There's no more difficulty balancing an olympic bar... the weight is evenly distributed and no more awful barbell's digging into my groin area!! Its light and easy to store at home. I highly recommend!!

Top quality!

This bar is amazing! I love the thickness, as my hips always were beat up from using a standard barbell, prior. This bar sits on my hips, perfectly, without causing any uncomfortable pressure. Having the plates sitting so much closer into the bar, really helps alleviate any balancing issues I had been struggling with from my old bar. The moment I removed the thrust bar from the packaging, I saw and felt the quality put into it. It's a beauty! Now, along with the 21" thruster plates, I'm in hip thrusting heaven!!

Adjusting Your Thruster Bar Lite

  • The collets on your Thruster Bar Lite are set to 12 inches on each side, but can be adjusted with a 4mm allen wrench. You may wish to adjust these inwards to be able to load more weight onto the bar.

  • After loosening the collets, simply slide them into position before tightening again. Please ensure that the collets are evenly positioned on each side of the bar. It may also be necessary to tighten the collets if they become loose in transit.

  • There is a guide hole on each side of the bar, but the collets can be tightened in any position.

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