Suspension System

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The BC Strength Suspension System can be used to perform a wide range of exercises, including upper body pushes and pulls, hamstring curl variations and abdominal stability exercises. At Glute Lab we primarily use them for assisted high step ups, controlled step downs, assisted pistol squats, gliding leg curls and inverted rows.

Small and lightweight, it can easily be used in any home or commercial gym facility.

It comes with a door anchor and can be affixed to any stable, load-bearing horizontal anchor point. If you don't have a horizontal anchor point, you can still hook your BC Strength Suspension System to a vertical anchor point, such as a beam, pole, or tree trunk.

  • Straps made from long lasting nylon
  • Custom molded heavy duty rubber handles
  • Steel carabiner
  • Door anchor included
  • Recommended for use up to 136kg/300lbs

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