Glute Loop™

The BC Strength Glute Loop can be used during hip extension exercises such as squats, bridges, hip thrusts, leg presses, and reverse hypers to add a hip abduction component and place double duty on the glutes. It can be used in the standing, hip hinge, supine, seated, quadruped, and side lying positions to provide resistance for frontal or transverse plane hip abduction movements. It can also be used in the quadruped and standing positions to provide resistance during hip extension movements. There are over 30 different glute exercises that we perform while wearing the BC Strength Glute Loop. It's a staple for any person who is serious about improving their gluteal strength, function, and development.


I’m a physiotherapist that specialises in knee and hip conditions. I’ve been using theraband at home during the Covid quarantine to mix up my own lower limb workouts but got sick of it rolling up and catching my leg hair.

I ordered 2 glute loops of varying strength and the quality of both is excellent. The difference in the ‘burn’ between a band and a glute loop is staggering.

I’ll definitely be recommending them to my patients


These bands are amazing! The bands are high quality and super durable. All resistance levels maintain the same size band.

I have purchased different brands in the past where the lighter resistance bands where just a larger band and fell off.

If I could have one piece of equipment for the gym the glute loop is 100% my choice.