The Hip Thruster bench was created by world renowned sports scientist, Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS as a highly effective, convenient, and economical way to perform the hip thrust exercise from the comfort of home or in a variety of sports and fitness settings. Since inventing the hip thrust exercise in 2006, Bret’s extensive research and experiments into the muscle activity of the gluteus maximus during various exercises have been instrumental in shaping the way in which fitness professionals approach lower-body strength training.

Bret has published two popular fitness books (Strong Curves and Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy) and is the founder of the online strength training program, Strong by Bret.

With over 44 peer-reviewed articles and twenty-plus years experience as a personal trainer, his broad knowledge of Sports Science makes him a highly-sought after speaker at conferences and events around the globe.

When not conducting cutting edge glute research or speaking internationally, Bret operates the Glute Guy website, which features the latest in glute training news. On this blog you will also find hundreds of incredible before and after pictures from readers of all ages who have followed Bret’s training protocols to greatly improve the strength and shape of their glutes.

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