Whatchu know about "recomping?"

These days, the majority of serious lifters seem to be on continuous bulking and cutting cycles. I truly think this phenomenon became so popular because the practice benefited supplement companies, who profited from selling distinct products for bulking and cutting, thereby guaranteeing continuous, year-round customers. But I digress...

Bulking is good for people who need to gain weight and for people who are in fact too low in bodyfat for optimal hormonal milieu for gaining muscle.

Cutting is good for people who need to lose weight.

And recomping is good for people who need simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss. Recomping means you stay the same weight while consuming the same (maintenance) calories while keeping protein high (a gram per pound of bodyweight per day) and gaining strength (engaging in progressive overload). The end result is a smaller, leaner, more athletic appearance, even though the scale doesn't change.

In this video, I discuss recomping as a strategy and provide numerous anecdotes that demonstrate its efficacy.

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