Glute activation has been all the rage for the past 18 years, but did you know that it’s not supposed to be a workout? It’s merely a warm-up, and the evidence is mixed as to whether or not it improves subsequent performance. In this video, I discuss the history and review the research pertaining to low load gluteal activation, mention some anecdotes, and share with you my conclusion. In addition, Bro Bret makes another appearance! Below are the study links mentioned in the video:

Fisher Published Study

Parr Published Study

Barry Published Study

Healy & Harrison Published Study

Cochrane Published Study

Crow Published Study

Comyns Published Study

Sander Published Study

Harrison Published Study

Gallego-Izquierdo Published Study

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The Shadiest Thing I've Seen in Fitness (Glute Anatomy Pseudoscience)

You may have seen images like these pop up showing the glute medius appearing underneath the glute maximus. This isn’t real life. I don’t know how it’s even legal to fabricate anatomy like this. 

How To Train Glutes At Home (With The Glute Guy)

All people can effectively train glutes from home. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced lifters can all build and strengthen their glutes from home, even with no equipment (just bodyweight). In this video, I take my colleague Grace Chen through all the main bodyweight glute exercises, from easy to difficult.

A Scientific Guide to Determine an Exercise’s Effectiveness

All exercises are awesome. Some are better suited than others for helping a person reach various goals. This video details a guide that can be used to help determine how effective a particular exercise is...

Progressive Overload vs The Mind Muscle Connection

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Glute Band Workout: Influencers Take Note!

I start posting band burnouts in 2014, but when my buddy Cem had me do a 2-3 minute burnout when...

To Train To Failure Or Not

In this video, I discuss the different types of failure and explain which are most fatiguing, I discuss what the...

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