Everyone these days seems to want to grow a booty while not gaining any additional leg mass. While I believe that the vast majority of lifters should indeed be training their legs hard, some lifters need to employ special tactics in order to reach their goals.

In this video, I tell you which exercises to focus on and which exercises to avoid if you’re striving to build your glutes without building your legs. To simplify things, I created the list of movements below:

 Do These Avoid These
Barbell Glute Bridges Back Squats
Feet Elevated Glute Bridges Front Squats
Seated Hip Abductions Box Squats
Cable Standing Hip Abductions Lunges
Side Lying Hip Raises Bulgarian Split Squats
Extra Range Side Lying Hip Abduction Step Ups
Lateral Band Walks Skater Squats
Band Seated Hip Abduction Pistol Squats
Cable Cuff Hip External Rotation Single Leg Box Squats
Band Hip Hinge Abduction Hack Squats
American Deadlift Leg Presses
Cable Kickbacks Leg Extensions
Kickbacks With Bands Sumo Deadlifts
Back Extensions Trap Bar Deadlifts
Cable Pull Throughs Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Frog Reverse Hypers Romanian Deadlifts
Spread Eagle Reverse Hypers Good Mornings
Knee Banded Reverse Hypers Leg Curl Variations
Frog Pumps Nordic Ham Curls
Standing Glute Squeezes Glute Ham Raises
RKC Planks Seated Hip Adductions

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